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RADICAL Collaboration

Being able to collaborate is the key to success.
Radical Collaboration is a development programme that builds on the consciousness of how to use your own behaviour to create better long-term relationships and a working environment that leads to a secure, sustainable culture of creative, long-term thinking and where the potential of every individual is utilised.

The programme provides participants with a number of tools and insights into how they can collaborate more effectively, prevent eventual conflicts from occurring and resolve problems even in conflict-filled situations between individuals, project groups, departments and organisations.

The programme involves five essential skills:

  1. Intention – the desire to collaborate 

  2. Truth – openness

  3. Choice – personal responsibility

  4. Self-knowledge and understanding of other people

  5. Problem-solving and negotiation

At Differo, we have applied this i.e. when organisation is preparing for a cultural change and during projects to introduce LEAN, as a great deal of collaboration is required in the interfaces between departments/processes. We also demonstrate how the latest brain research supports the programme.

The development programme is aimed at:

  • those who want to increase profitability by creating effective, long-term collaborative relationships

  • those who want concrete tools to prevent eventual conflicts and to manage collaborative problems and conflicts when they arise

  • those who want to succeed in negotiations and to achieve long-term beneficial results

The programme is held over three days, but can be adapted to your needs and can be provided on an internal basis for your organisation. We also have a follow-up day to provide additional insights if required.


Differo has worked with this development programme for over 11 years.

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