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Today we live in a continuously developing society. We need to create a creative, curious and progressive work environment. Many times, an idea is formed by the management team, a smaller project group or hired consultancy about how they think the organisation should work, but the organisation does not work according to the idea. Why?

To work in continuous progress is a challenge because it requires focus, collaboration and room to create new habits (behaviours). It is about training our brains to create the inner security and curiosity that is required.

Our brains want predictability, we want to be listened to and feel that we can affect our situations. If we can’t see a direction to where we are going and/ or see a possible path to get there, too much insecurity is created which leads to emotional chaos. 

In perceived stressful situations it is hard for our brains to problem-solve, come up with new creative ideas, see cause/ effect as well as learn new things. We cannot create the new connections in our brain that are needed to develop the new behaviours and routines needed, instead we enter the old habits the require less energy. Not to mention that we have a hard time feeling the empathy needed to read other people so that we can collaborate with them and lead the development forward.

We need to train ourselves in emotional self-regulation and to meet others in this state. Then we will reach both our own and the other's potential and can adjust to the new.

When we work in progress we need to reduce the experience of uncertainty, the feeling of hopelessness and to strengthen the sense of security, curiosity and motivation (desire and will).

We can train ourselves and the organisation in development, by;

  • Communicate a clear vision – where and why 

  • Focus both here and now and on the long-term goal

  • Train us in presence, active listening and curiosity

  • Face challenges, dare to question if we do not understand

  • Face conflicts of interest (even if it feels uncomfortable)

  • Take responsibility for my part without blaming others

  • Provide room for development and learning

  • See the benefits of different personalities and meet them

  • See and express appreciation for others

  • Share our success with others

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