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LEADERSHIP development

Effective leadership always begins with self-knowledge and being able to lead yourself.


Self-leadership involves being curious about and wanting to develop your consciousness of your own behaviour, thoughts, feelings and motivations, and how we affect and are affected by other people. When we are secure in our personal values and view life as an area of constant development where we refrain from judging ourselves or other people, we create a feeling of meaningfulness and curiosity.


This state of mind is an important condition when we encounter a complex world which is in constantly changing. By achieving it, we optimise our abilities in terms of decision-making, problem solving, exercising our capacity for creative thought and collaborating during the implementation of change.


A leader's most important characteristic, when it comes to leading other people, is to be able to create an inclusive environment in which the potential of every individual is utilised. The latest findings within brain research indicate that relationships of trust are a prerequisite for creating a working environment where people feel comfortable to develop and in which diversity is welcomed.


Differo develops flexible programmes for leaders and management groups.

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